The complexity and demands of modern food and beverage inspire us to both challenge conventional design whilst delivering a collaborative F&B design in conjunction with all parties. We are also keen to promote a ‘circular economy’ within our overall scheme recommendations, utilising efficiencies that  include a zero waste philosophy wherever possible.

  • We work with a select number of international associates who provide us with complimentary skills on some specific and bigger projects.
  • With the increasing corporate responsibility towards buildings, we consider it important to provide Clients with a level of advice that considers the social, environmental, and economic ingredients for a better building. Similarly through our commitment to sustainability we are always looking for new methods and materials to improve the efficiency and flexibility of our designs, in order that they can adapt to future predictions and technology advances.
  • Above all andrew mcmillan associates adopts a modern, pragmatic approach to every assignment, and loves designing hospitality !

Concept Development Sketches