We provide a variety of design and consulting services for Foodservice, Laundry Waste and recycling. These range from bespoke tailored assignments, to the more formal RIBA lead services, which we offer as full or partial services.

Services that we provide

  • Base-Build: – Studies and Design
  • Full or partial RIBA lead services
  • Facility refurbishment
  • Design Reviews and Audits
  • Proof of Concept
  • Interior Design Interface
  • Product Design

RIBA Services

Concept & Schematic
  • Define the food­service opera­tional and func­tional objectives and goals for the project that will serve as a state­ment of needs for developing the Food and Beverage Strategy
  • Develop the food & beverage strategy
  • Confirm space allocations and clean/dirty flow routes
  • Develop outline free hand concept proposals
  • Produce a Bulk Utilities Schedule
  • Prepare a Time and Budget Schedule
Development Design
  • Develop itemised CAD General Arrangements
  • Produce Full MEP HVAC schedules
  • Prepare finalise detailed MEP HVAC drawings; Elevation drawings
  • Compile equipment specifications and an alternative manufacturers list
  • Update Budget
Tender Phase
  • Issue General, and Itemised Specifications, for Tender issue
  • Evaluate the return bids, and recommend the course of action
Construction Supervision
  • Review all Material Submittals and mock-ups
  • Review Shop Drawings
  • Attend and report site inspections at percentage completion stages
  • Witness tested commissioning of installed equipment