Marriott West India Quay*

London, United Kingdom

andrew mcmillan associates - marriot london
andrew mcmillan associates - marriot london
Our brief was to avoid designing anything “industrial looking” and to eliminate the traditional hood from the display kitchen where two lava rock grills were to be positioned. This left no alternative but to explore venting downwards.

Conventional down draft systems (used in fast-food applications and a variety of Asian-technique cooking schemes) were dismissed because their design capacity was insufficient to employ within the Marriott scheme. A more controlled system was required, and so we looked to design an extraction unit that would capture and contain a 600cfm/linear ft. effluence stream, within a 900-mm (36-in.) working height elevation. This unit would be integrated with surround air systems to create a “frameless cooking concept.”

The system provided an odour-free, quieter, easier-to-clean operation and gave way to a new flexibility in modern show cooking.

*Project undertaken whilst Managing Director with Cini Little London
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